Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hey Gang

Remember that retarded joke that Uma Thurman tells in Pulp Fiction? Yeah ya do.
Anyhow I haven't posted in a long time because:

a) I am lazy sometimes (i.e. most of the time)
b) I have been busy with work
c) I suffered a mild concussion and with it a bad bout of amnesia and forgot I even had a blog (also forgot how to speak english and tie my shoes)
d) all of the above

I will let you decide, but anyhow I figured I would post a bunch of stuff that is starting to get a little bit old and I should have posted it long ago but what are ya gonna do. Seriously what are you going to do?

Stay Sexy Kids

Love RyE


Taran MacNeil said...

meet you at fan expo and just looking at your blogs. white, longish hair, jack skeleton shirt we talk about getting into drawing. just posting to say really like that ironman and looking forward to that new comic you guys are making.

RyE said...

Hey dude

I remember. Have you been drawing yet since the con? Thanks man, that ironman was a fun piece to do.
I actually have been thinking of doing a new ironman, that one is getting a little old for my tastes. Glad to hear your looking forward to Rusty and Mustache, I can't wait myself.